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In honour of Black History Month, and in line with the initiative taken by the City of Lasalle to recognize strong role models in the local black community, the Lasalle Soccer Club would like to portray two of its staff members which we believe fit this criteria with ease.


As a Club member from the age of 13, Joe's involvement has ranged from being a standout athlete, as well as a critical member of the Club's staff, in the more recent years. It is quite rare to step onto a field or gym floor, occupied by a Lasalle Soccer Club activity, and not cross paths with Joe-Bernard. His involvement spans the likes of being a trainer for the Provincial Development League teams (LDP), as well as the Club Development Centre program (CDC), and also a Coordinator for the Club's futsal program. However, Joe's involvement and positive influence on young athletes is rooted much deeper within the Lasalle community. Joe involves himself throughout a variety of age groups and categories, by also being a futsal trainer for the secondary school, Cavelier de Lasalle, a trainer at the post-secondary level for CÉGEP André-Laurendeau, and a private trainer for ProEvolutionCoaching.  This permits him to see familiar faces no matter which logo he carries on his chest, and allows him to establish more meaningful connections with his players on a more personal level, serving as a positive young figure for the local youth.

All this takes place while he continues his relentless pursuit of playing soccer at the highest attainable level. As a Semi-Professional athlete of the Saint-Laurent Club, a soccer player at the RibeiroMoojen Pre University School (RMPUS) , and a newly committed athlete to Eastern Oklahoma State College, Joe's devotion to the sport of soccer is easily perceived by his broad efforts.

"Passion.", his answer when asked why he does what he does. Being occupied by the sport he loves, in positions of great influence over these local younger generations, is where he feels most at home, and plans on continuing to guide them for as long and as best as he can. 


Nearing a year of working as a Club staff member, Dahlia has shown to be one of the Club's strongest female role models in such a short span of time. As part of the technical staff, her devotion and energy on the field is felt by everyone in her immediate presence. Her role in the Club's CDC program has been crucial in its popularity and success over the last year, as she brings her in depth knowledge of the game to the pitch as she helps in the development of young girls ages 9 to 12. She also takes her influential coaching a step further into the community by being an assistant coach at the post-secondary level at CÉGEP André-Laurendeau. From first-hand exposure to such high technical levels of soccer, she brings this wisdom with her down to the Lasalle youth, as she helps to further their development, allowing for them to effectively attain their athletic goals, and accelerate their progress towards technical milestones.

This experience of hers is not solely limited to her ochestrating part of the development program, but also as an experienced and talented player. Playing the game since the age of 12, she went on to perform at the CÉGEP level for the same school that she currently assists as a coach (CAL). This is also the source of her relationship with the Lasalle Soccer Club, where she established a strong connection with the Club's general Director Marinette Pichon during her time involved with the school's women's soccer team. She now remains involved as a player at the LSEQ level for AS Saint-Lambert, and continues to pursue a higher education at UQAM.


"Simply because soccer is my passion, I can teach and transmit this all while developing myself.", her answer to being asked why she does what she does. Being a University student, she remains committed to helping in the development of Lasalle's youth by properly managing her time around a packed schedule, ensuring not only her continuing pursuit of excellence and education, but also remaining dedicated as a strong role model to the upcoming generations in the community of Lasalle. 

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