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As of September 2020, there are some important changes in the structure of the affiliation year which will impact your registration (both summer and winter). Please read carefully:

Soccer Quebec has changed the affiliation year. Instead of the affiliation year being from May 1 to April 30, it is now October 15 to October 14. Also, Soccer Quebec has eliminated summer and winter seasons in our PTS registration system.

Here are some of the major impacts to our members:

1. The $50 yearly affiliation fees now have to paid at fall registration for players who participate in the winter. For players who participate only in the summer, the affiliation fees will be charged when you first register in the spring as usual.

  • For those of you who played in summer 2020, this means that although you just paid affiliation fees for summer 2020, you will be paying them again this winter for 2021, but then you will not have to pay them in the summer. They will only get paid again next fall for 2022.

  • This means that your winter program (now called activity) will appear to have increased more than it actually has. Your yearly affiliation fees ($50) will be added to your winter activities, but then will not appear as a part of your summer registration which is when we are used to seeing them.

  • The Affiliation fees are broken down to the Soccer Canada, Soccer Québec, LSL and Club Affiliation fees.


2. Players who change clubs heading into the winter season, will no longer require a release from the club they played with in the summer.

3. You will now be able to register for your summer programs (now called activities) in the fall when you register for your winter activities.

  • We will not implement this for all activities from the start, but will eventually be available.

  • This does not mean that you have to register for your summer activities in the fall, only that you can if you so desire (i.e. reserve your spot!).

  • PTS online registration now offers the flexibility for a member to return into the system and add additional activities to their profile.

  • For players registering for winter and summer activities in the fall, full payment will not be required at registration, a payment plan will be proposed during the registration process.

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