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This Sunday, May 21 was the first event to discover exclusively female soccer, proposed and supervised by girls «Girls4Girls». This totally free initiation, offered to all young girls who are not members of the soccer club, living in LaSalle and its surroundings, attracted more than 30 young participants, despite the multicultural parade that prevented good traffic on the roads.

This event was the first of the season and launched the women’s soccer development program, funded through a “Women and Sport in Canada” Focus grant. All this was possible only thanks to the provision of the Carrefour Récréatif et Communautaire de LaSalle and a public display also offered by the borough and the support of our partners, the CIUSSS services, the CLSC and the Commission Scolaire Marguerite Bourgeoys, with whom we have been working for several years and who communicate information to young people and their families!

We interviewed these girls through a questionnaire sent to the parents to find out their opinion about the quality of the workshops and games offered during the initiation to soccer and they are unanimous, all enjoyed the experience, that they wish to renew and cherry on the cake: they all plan to continue physical activity!

The goal of giving these young girls a taste for sport is thus achieved and it is only a beginning because initiations will follow one another throughout the summer and winter seasons of the LaSalle soccer club.

My daughter really enjoyed the soccer activity. The coaches were really friendly, they managed to put the girls at ease and encourage them. My daughter was really happy to be there. My daughter came out and said she wanted to play soccer this summer.”

Great activity! My daughter, very shy, loved it. She keeps telling us about it. The hosts were very nice, and so were the club staff. Thank you for a great afternoon!”

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