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Type of position: Contractual

Hours: Approx. 6 hours per week from October to March and 18 hours per week from April to September. Fixed salary $ 8 500 per year.


The mandate of the Director of Club Refereeing is based on the following pillars: administration, development, communication and assignment.

While the scope of duties will vary depending on the characteristics of each club, these pillars are universal. With regard to administration, referee records must be kept up to date for promotions/retrogressions. Referees must be developed to ensure that teams at all levels have referees of the appropriate caliber. Club Referee Directors will also be in constant communication with their referee roster, club administrators and the refereeing department of Soccer Lac St-Louis. Finally, Club Referee Directors are responsiblé for providing service to the membership by ensuring referees are assigned to games under their responsibilitý.

o Referee (current or former)

o Experience as a referee at a high level (minimum recommended level: AA level and member of the Lac St-Louis Soccer regional roster or equivalent)

o Hold the District Evaluator rank with the FSQ (or be in the process of completing it)

o Hold the FSQ Referee Director rank (depending on the club's status)

o Ability to lead and work as a team

o Ability to communicate clearly (oral and written)

o Ability to work independently

o Ability to perform tasks in an organized manner

o Ability to self-evaluate and find solutions

Job Description

o Responsible for the refereeing portion of the club.

o Responsible for organizing referee training, providing uniforms and equipment (whistle, uniforms, etc.) and maintaining a general list of members with referee licenses and/or in training

o It is responsible for recruiting and retaining our referees and educating players about refereeing in collaboration with the club.

o Ensure relations with the Lac Saint Louis Regional Association and Soccer Quebec assignment of referees and assistant referees.

Assign and reassign referees/assistant referees in accordance with local assignment distribution (U8-U13 competitive or local league) and local assignment policy (U8-U13 competitive or local league).

o Assign and reassign referees/assistant referees for tournaments and festivals (Soccerfest) under local jurisdiction.

Coordinate and follow the training of referees/assistant referees within the club, connection with the Lac Saint Louis region and with Soccer Quebec:

Type of training, cost, duration, location

Possible training dates

Registration to the training

Attendance to the training

Diploma obtained and/or to be obtained

Date of the examination period for obtaining the diplomas

Organize refereeing initiation sessions

Adapt the training sessions to the characteristics of the team

Teach basic knowledge to beginner referees/assistant referees

Communicate with club referees/referee assistants:

o Relay information to club referees and coaches

o Maintain a schedule of meetings for referees

o Conduct an annual evaluation of each employee

Ensure the follow-up of the evolutions of the regulation in the refereeing field:

o Know the current rules and regulations

o Be informed of changes in the rules and share them with the referees

o Provide useful documentation to the referees/assistant referees of the club and archive it

o Ensure the legality (compliance) of referee/referee assistant equipment

Promote the role of the referee:

o Raise awareness of the important role of referees

o Invite members to become referees/assistant referees

Financial management:

o In collaboration with the general management, controls and authorizes budgeted expenses according to the standards and policies in effect and forwards any unforeseen expenses to the Board of Directors for approval.

o Prepare a budget forecast for the season

o Present a post-season budget with invoices

o Work with the Executive Director to ensure that the budget is balanced and financial reports are submitted to the Board of Directors.

Payroll for local rosters (U8-U13 competitive, Local League or Futsal Technical):

o Ensure all club referees receive a payroll report every 2 weeks for club assigned games (U8-U13 or Local League).

o Securely manage and update referee payment information to ensure timely payment.

Community Relations, Communication and Promotion:

o Receive and manage emails and other requests.

o Ensure branding is consistent with the club's missions and values.

o Coordinate and ensure visibility of club programs and projects on social media

Human Resources:

o Participate in the welcoming and integration of new referees/referee assistants.

o Create and maintain a satisfactory and supportive relationship and climate.

o Identify problems related to refereeing at matches (U8-U13 or Local League) and ensure that they are dealt with appropriately.

o Maintain the various personnel policies within the department.

o Ensure good communication between them.

Emergency Phone:

o Answer and handle all telephone calls in a reasonable manner.

o Reassign referees within a short period of time from a game.

Procedure to apply:

Candidates must send their curriculum vitae and a cover letter to the following address no later than April 30, 2023 at 12:00 p.m. Only the profiles holding our attention will be contacted in order to set an interview date.

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